School: Rocky Mountain HS
GPA: 3.786

October 2017

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Sports and/or Extracurricular Activities:

  • Football Letter winner – 3-years
  • Basketball – 2-years
  • Baseball
  • Student Council Member – 4 years

Community Involvement/Philanthropy:

  • Football Kids Camp – Coach up younger kids on playing football
  • Realities for Children Volunteer
  • RMHS Adopt-a-Family Volunteer

Awards, Honors, and Recognition:

  • National Honor Society Member
  • Captain Football Team
  • Academic All State Football

Administrator/Teacher/Coach Notes and Comments:

“Life always seems to find a way to test our perseverance. How you have handled yourself this past year has demonstrated who you are at your core. Your foot was a constant issue last season, yet you continued and did whatever you could to help our team. In the off-season, you were sidelined with a surgery and rehab, yet you continued to persevere, never missing a workout, even if that meant just being there for your teammates. Leadership does not always come from the most vocal or who strives for the spotlight. It comes from those who don’t lose sight of the little things. Those who put others in front of themselves and those who are willing to do whatever is needed for the success of their teammates. I know that this past 12 months have been frustrating, yet know that the lessons you have taken from this time will define who you are in the days to come. We are all so proud of you.” – Tom Hunter, Teacher