School: Fossil Ridge High School

GPA: 3.7

October 2018

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Sports and/or Extracurricular Activities:

National Honor Society
National Art Honor Society

Community Involvement/Philanthropy:

Volunteer at Respite Care
Pace Program

Awards, Honors, and Recognition:

FRHS Freshman Female of the Year
Editor-in-Chief for School Newspaper
Student Body Retreat Participant

Administrator/Teacher/Coach Notes and Comments:

Karen is one of the most involved students we have in the building. She brings a contagious, enthusiastic positivity to both staff and students on a daily basis. She practices gratitude and random acts of kindness; the other day, she gave flowers to random students at lunch, just to brighten their day. She is a Pep Leader for all Unified Sports and hasn’t missed a single game. She is at almost every event in our building and is a bright light to our community.