School: Fossil Ridge High School

GPA: 4.08

December 2018

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Sports and/or Extracurricular Activities:

Boys Swimming
Select Choir
A Capella Choir

Community Involvement/Philanthropy:

Vice President of National Honor Society
Leadership of FRESH (sustainability) Club
Volunteer with Food Bank

Awards, Honors, and Recognition:

FRHS Swim Team Captain 2018-19
FRHS Junior of the Year
FRHS Math Student of the Year
Teammate of the Year Fort Collins Area Swim Team
Outstanding Soloist Award CHSAA State Jazz Choir

Administrator/Teacher/Coach Notes and Comments:

Cole Mason is a truly outstanding individual. I have been teaching and coaching for 20 years, and I can say this with
confidence; Cole is one of the top students I have ever had the opportunity to work with. While Cole’s academic talent,
work ethic and ambition are outstanding, Cole’s character is the trademark that will lead him to long-term success in his
life. Cole is everything a teacher, coach or friend could ask for in a person. He is honest, reliable, humble, has integrity and
always displays gratitude for the people around him and the opportunities he has had. I am confident that where ever Cole
goes and whatever he chooses to do, his character will lead him to success.