School: Fort Collins High School

GPA: 3.629

February 2018

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Sports and/or Extracurricular Activities:

Noah has been a part of our Tower Theater program for the past four years, and has spent time both on stage and behind the scenes, in small and large roles, in supporting and in leadership positions.

Community Involvement/Philanthropy:

Noah is a Tower Theater officer, one of six, and is currently in the historian role where he helps us to connect with FCHS Alum and catalog the history of the 115+ years of this high school’s theater traditions. In the past, Noah has also served as outreach officer, helping us to connect with elementary, middle, and high schools in the district as well as at the university level with UNC and CSU.

Administrator/Teacher/Coach Notes and Comments:

Much of what Noah does goes under the radar, because although he is outgoing and social and friendly, he doesn’t make a huge show of his personal, academic, or extra-curricular achievements. But that humility is a part of what makes Noah so wonderful – he isn’t looking for recognition but instead focuses on doing his best, instilling that same work ethic in others, and growing with every opportunity. I’m so glad he is a part of our school, our program, and my classroom.