School: Fort Collins High School

GPA: 2.35

February 2018

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Sports and/or Extracurricular Activities:

Haley has been a massive part of the FCHS Tower Theater program for the past four years, working backstage in a variety of roles from crew member to stage manager, helping bring new students into the arts and keeping veteran students positive and invigorated.

Community Involvement/Philanthropy:

Haley is currently a theater officer, one of six, and is responsible for community outreach, where she helps organize tours of our shows to middle and elementary schools, group attendance at the other PSD high school shows, and in-building events to keep our theater students having fun and staying engaged with the arts.

Administrator/Teacher/Coach Notes and Comments:

A GPA doesn’t tell the story. Neither do awards and recognitions, no matter how well-deserved. The story with Haley Maestas is pretty simple: She is an amazing human being. When people are feeling low, she picks them up. When people are lost in this thing called high school, she helps them find their way. When the world needs changing she changes it – at her home, her school, in her community, and, I’m willing to bet, she’ll continue it well into her collegiate and post-academic life. Haley is an outstanding person, and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to have had her in our building, and in my classroom.